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About the photographer Rob Ryan
I have been working in various aspects of art since I was a boy.  Everything has been self taught. My grandfather used to tell me if I wanted to learn something read what others have done, experiment and create your own approach.

So no photography schools and no studying under some famous photographer for this guy. It's been passion and desire along with trial and effort that has moved me forward.  I do have a couple of mentors I looked up to. Eddie Adams was one. A photojournalist who felt most at home shooting in war zones (I'm an ex combat pilot hence the link) . He was a renegade (as am I) and he did win a pulitzer for his work (I have not). The other is Lindsay Adler out of NY known for her creative shots. 

I think my being an artist as well has really helped. I say this as I often find inspiration in the simplest things and often in fleeting moments. As such I keep a small notebook with me at all times so I can jot down what inspired this epiphany so that I may reflect on it further when I have some time. Sometimes these ideas send me (and many of the people I know and work with) on quests searching for unique items. Some examples include a wrecked ship or yacht on the Mississippi; an iron claw old fashioned tub in a bathroom large enough for me to set up lights; finding an amenable tenant on the 71st floor of the Chrysler building so I can shoot the eagles extruding out at dusk or during a storm and the list goes in. I recently traveled to London where the only thing I intended to shoot was the London Tower bridge. Last year I went to Venice with one key shot in mind but Mother nature wasn't cooperative. In this case I still did get one decent shot you will see on page one called "Ghosts in the Street". I've now been to NYC three times where I have this idea of shooting the Brooklyn Bridge from underneath on the Brooklyn side with the NYC downtown skyline in the background during sunset. That shot has yet to materialize due to weather.

I will stand for long periods of time waiting for conditions to be right in order to get a shot. I'm old school that way and I still use filters on my lenses and carry a tripod with me every time I'm out just in case I might need it.  If I get one good shot in an outing I am content.

"Composite" photography , along with it's many challenges, keeps me on my toes.  It often means lots of time on the computer masking the shot with the model and getting it just right only to find the mask failed. Not an easy task by any means.  But if it was easy....... I wouldn't be interested. Luckily for me the word seems to be spreading amongst the local models here and many are reaching out to me saying they want to be part of what I am doing. 

My plan is to become recognized for my work within a couple years so I can quit my day job and pursue this dream.