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Gallery 1
"Scales" - This is a two-story waterfall where the round discs are to emulate scales on a fish. This shot is meant to also capture the colors of the algae growing underneath
"REFLECTIONS" - This exquisite piece was in a gallery window in Paris. While admiring it a little voice told me there was a shot here. I came back several times until one evening I was able to capture the reflections, finding my shot
"Riverwalk" - Fog rolling in along the Mississippi in New Orleans (French Quarter). Shot using slow exposure and Kelvin settings in the White Balance to make the colors more rich and inviting
"Ghosts in The Street" - Early evening on a street off San Marco Sq in Venice shot to capture the rich colors and make the people appear as ghosts
"NASA" - HDR view of exhaust plumes from a booster rocket at NASA. You were wondering what these were weren't you? HDR can make the simplest thing look interesting.
Water Lilies - just beginning to bloom on Plantation in Louisiana. Use of a polarizing filter made the colors pop.
The domes on top of St Mark's Basilica in Venice shot in the early morning before the tourists got up.
The Pyramids at the Louvre in Paris shot so they and the building dome on the opposite side of the court are aligned
"Ah Paris" - a shot taken from the park alongside the infamous tower adding more texture
"Face of the Abyss" - be careful looking into the face of the abyss for it may look back. Where did I ever shoot this? I'm not telling  :-)
Gondolas in the early morning light in Venice by San Marco Square
"Shadows" - Jackson Sq in the French Quarter, New orleans at sunset
A very old DeSoto I saw in someones driveway while wandering the streets looking for shots with students. Shot in HDR. This shot made the two hour drive worth while.
Blast Off - Shot just as balloon did a touch and go at Gonzales race
Fired-Up getting ready for night race
But one of the crab boats from the fleet in Fisherman's Wharf in SF. Shot on Sunday so no one was around. Added a unique effect to make the shot more interesting
Also from the Acquarium in San Francisco. Went there specifically to shoot Alcatraz with a permit but it was a bust. At least I got a couple of shots at the aquarium
Herd of zebra's were fighting to get next to our safari truck in the hopes of getting fed