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Gallery 2
Here are some examples of my work in Black & White. I find candid shots more intriguing where if you're lucky you can capture a lot of emotion. The other shots in B&W allow one to see more detail than if it was in color.
"Demise" - A staged shot depicting the demise and discovery of a fictitious character buried on an active job site in New Orleans. I hand painted this mask to make it more surreal
"Zydeco" - one of the many street bands you will find in the Quarter in  New Orleans. Yes that is a wash-board and spoon he is using
"Caged" - with the economy in a slip people will take any job for income. OK look closely and you'll see it's a mannequin
"Captain Jack" - In New orleans people dress the part even when it's not Mardis Gras as this fellow did at Lafitte's Pub on Bastille Day. Check out the woman behind him
"Natchez" - one of the famous river boats still in service on the Mississippi in New Orleans.
"St Charles" - New orleans has the oldest street car line in the country where visitors can travel all over the city
"Venice Transportation"
"Waiting" - a slow day for a sketch artist in Jackson Sq, New orleans