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 Gallery 1A
​Composite shots and special effect portraiture
A Rhino at the Opera - The background is the National Opera House in Paris and the Rhino was shot at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. This made the top ten finalist in Ron Howard's "First Impressions" contest advertised on TV
Too Much Drama - the background was shot on Bourbon St in new Orleans one summer night, the dive bomber was shot in the WWII museum (also in New Orleans) and Erica was shot on my couch with "Duffy" by her side
Voodoo Fashion Queen, shot by the Tree of Life in N'awlins with smoke bombs for affect
The lengths some people will go for a little privacy
Diva with Attitude - wouldn't you be if you got stuck in a Bike Taxi to take you home!!
Desert Patina, found this bad boy in Nelson, Nevada (population 62)
Rock Star with a bit of bad girls, hence the black wings
1970's shoot with everything done to the period
It's all about the music in N'awlins even if you're homeless
It's Over - when you finally realize it's time to leave
A Cafe in Montmarte Paris using impression filter
Tug on the Mississippi
Gondolas in Venice using Monet impression effect
Boats in a side canal in Venice. Normally a nondescript photo but with Cezanne Impression effect it lights up